Special Namsan Course Menu(For 1/Weekday Dinner/17:00~22:00)

스페셜 남산 코스(1인/평일 디너/17:00~19:30)

※ This product can be reserved in 15-minute increments between 17:00 and 19:30.
※ 1 hour and 40 minutes per episode is available.[GG]


105,000 KRW


Items included in the product.

Items Included : -Jeonchaeyori(Seasonal Porridge+Raw Ginseng Salad+Beef Tartare+Leaf Wraps with Abalone)-Sanhwamul Hwajeon-Chamsuche Guun Solhyang Hanu Guiwa Hansang Charim(Korean Beef and Strip Loin(150g)or Udae Galbi(220g)or Korean Beef and Tenderloin(130g/1manwon Chuga)-Soybean Paste Jjigae or Cold Buckwheat Noodles-Boseok Dagwasang(Nuga Ice Cream+Seasonal Desserts+Beverages(Coffee or Tea)-Jeonmangdae Ipjanggwon(Jujung/Weekends)※ 1buje Dang 1sigan 40bun Iyong Ganeunghamnida. ※ Course Guseong Menu Jung Hanu Ansimeuro Seontaek Si,Hyeonjangeseo Chugageumaek Gyeoljehasigi Baramnida.
Items not Included : Fully personal expenses apart from included items
Available hour: 1 hr before the closing time of the store

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